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Philodendron burle marx


What makes this plant exclusive:

The Philodendron 'Burle marx variegata'

The 'normal' Burle Marx is already a beautiful plant. But this variegata form is a fantastic plant to see 🤩. This plant has narrow elongated leaves whose color is dark green with yellow spots. At the Burle Marx, every leaf is different, making it super fun to watch it grow up. Why won't you bring this beautiful exiting plant into your collection?


This species prefers bright indirect light, does not tolerate direct sunlight, so make sure the plant hangs slightly away from the window. Tropical plants like these are very sensitive to temperature changes, so watch out for the proximity of heaters and drafty windows or doors. Keep the potting mix moist during the growing season, let it dry in the winter. Ensure sufficient drainage of the pot, wet feet can cause root rot

Humidity: above average (50-85%) Soil: best potted in a well-draining medium such as aroidmix

Note: The plant in the photo has a unique number. When you order this, you really get the plant that is shown in the photo.

The plant is supplied in a plastic pot with aroid mix as substrate. It is best to let it grow in this pot for a few more months.