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Philodendron ‘Florida Ghost’

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The Florida Ghost!


What makes this plant exclusive:

This rare Philodendron is a fantastic addition to any collection!

The new leaves of this plant are white/cream. They eventually turn green. A plant that always looks different. The leaves and stem are also very beautiful to see. The leaves have a distinct shape. A fascinating plant, isn't it? It is a climbing Philodendron that prefers to climb against, for example, a moss stick.





Light: bright, indirect sunlight The potting mix for this plant must be well-draining. With bark, perlite and possibly. activated carbon. This plant likes an average humidity – 60-80%. Before watering this plant, it is best to let the potting mix dry out before watering again. Water more frequently during the warmer months and fertilize during the growing season. In general, the plant will droop to show that it needs more water. Do not overwater or keep the soil wet for too long as this will promote root rot.