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Syngonium Batik


What makes this plant exclusive:

The Syngonium is a very cool houseplant and really gives a botanical look to your living room. Originally, this plant grows in tropical rainforests to heights of 10 to 20 meters. He uses the trees to climb up to reach this height. The leaves of this plant are still arrow-shaped when young. In older plants, the leaves can be either lobed or arrow-shaped. The leaves are always shiny and leathery. The Syngonium Batik is a rare species in the Syngonium family. This Syngonium has beautiful colored leaves that consist of white-yellow veins that run over the leaf. The contrast with the green color is like a jewel to behold. A fantastically beautiful plant.



The Syngonium likes a light spot but not in full sun. Also water it regularly, especially in summer. But watch out with too much water. This plant is also somewhat sensitive to drafts, so don't place it close to a window.