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Rhaphidophora ‘Pertusa’


Raphidora 'Pertusa' Including Moss Pole!

Place: houseplant, light/semi-shade


What makes this plant exclusive?

A beautiful species of the Family “Raphidhora”. This plant resembles the Monstera and is also a climbing plant. It is a strong plant with large leaves and thick stems. This plant is native to Malaysia and southern Thailand. This plant is characterized by its striking notched veins and beautiful leaf shape. Truly one of the most beautiful climbers you can get in your living room from now on.



The care of this plant is also not that difficult, give it a spot in partial shade or with indirect light and it will grow up super fast. This plant prefers a small amount of water several times than a lot of water at once. Make sure this plant is in a good soil/Aroid mix. *Fortunately, the plant is shipped in good Aroid mix.